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  • Help to Identify a Badge

    Hi All

    I'm hoping to get some help identifying the cap badge in the attached image. The image is of wounded recovering WW1 Australian soldiers from varying units. The colour patch on the said solider is unclear. I thought at first it may be a 'dancing devil' but it is different in parts.
    Thanks in advance Nick
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    The cap badge is similar to that of the 20th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Blackheath and Woolwich),the white horse of Kent with scroll 'INVICTA" and scroll with unit name below.
    Is there such a similar design of badge to an Australian unit? Or a British soldier he may have swapped hats with in the group?
    2/2 Bn of the 20th London's served in Macedonia, Palestine, perhaps he's one of their sick or wounded who's been issued a new Australian uniform?
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      Thanks Leigh

      I appreciate the help. I was thinking Light Horse or Artillery due to the leggings. The photo was taken in Mt Gambier, South Australia-all soldiers are Australian.

      Cheers Nick


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        I think Lee is probably right in saying that he may have done a swap with a 20th London Regiment soldier. A slouch hat in exchange for a peaked cap. The badge certainly looks like 20th Londons to me.