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 If you plan on using the Forum membership to identify, date, or collect information to enhance the desirability of an item that you intend to sell, then please say so in your first post on the subject.


The ‘Classified Ad’ section is for sales and wants, but note the forum accepts no responsibility for any losses you may incur from its use. Use of the Classifieds is at your own risk. Please do not list known copies or restrikes for sale in the classifieds.


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Private messages are just that: do not publish these in the public forum unless you have the express written consent of the other party.


Threads and posts solely to promote a specific seller, dealer or auctioneer are not allowed – that is threads and posts that appear to be an advertisement for a seller are not allowed.
Opinions on insignia originality are our Achilles heel and are the source of 95% thread degeneration that requires moderator intervention. Yet such discussions at the same time are probably the most useful function of the website for collectors trying to build a collection of original items. Joining or continuing to use the forum means you agree to post in a tolerant and mature way in such threads. Remember that opinions on originality are the opinions of the posters themselves and do not represent any opinion or endorsement of the forum owners or moderators. Opinions of insignia originality can be either right or wrong, and must never be interpreted as a statement of the reputation or intent of the owner or seller. You agree to this by joining or continuing to use the forum.



Moderators will attempt to ensure the above rules are compiled with. 


The Administrator and Moderators reserve the right to delete any or all forums, sub-forums, albums, threads, posts, images, or advertisements, either manually or via automated processes from anywhere within this forum domain, without warning or explanation.

Moderating decisions are final. Threads and posts started about moderation decisions will ALWAYS be deleted and further posts by that user will be placed in the moderation queue as a minimum.  If you feel you must discuss a moderation issue then do so by contacting the site administrator via the private message system.


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