17th Queen Victoria’s Own Poona Horse Cap Badge

The Queen Victoria’s Royal Cypher ‘VR’ within an oval strap bearing the motto ‘Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense, with the imperial crown over. Beneath a scroll bearing the regiment title ‘Queen Victoria’s Own Poona Horse’. 37.7mm tall by 36mm wide.

This example in Indian made cast brass and silver plated. Two loops. Probably sand cast from a UK made officer’s badge.

Regiment formed at Jhansi on the 1st November 1921.

Titles: —
1921: 33rd/34th Cavalry. (The pre 1921 reorganisation regiment)
1922: 17th Queen Victoria’s Own Poona Horse.
1927: The Poona Horse (17th Queen Victoria’s Own Cavalry).
1947: Remained with the Indian Army on partition.

During WW2 the regiment served as follows:
September 1939-March 1941: Poona Brigade Area.
June-October 1942. Under command of XXX Corps, North Africa
September 1944 – July 1945 Cyprus Garrison
August 1945-January 1946 At Ahmebnagar then Mathura
January 1947 – 3rd Independent Armoured Brigade

In WW2 only the short period under XXX Corps was in an active war theatre, the regiment qualifying for the single battle honour ‘North Africa 1940-43’

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