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The Badge Registry: Canadian Pre - 1914: Corps and Services

Corps and Services Cavalry Infantry 1  Infantry 2 Cadet Corps
HP.1 Lower Canadian Volunteer Militia HP.2 Upper Canada Volunteer Militia HP.3 West Canada Militia HP.4
 Canada Militia
HP.5 Canada Militia
MS.1 Canada Militia MS.4 Canada Militia MS.5 Canada Militia HP.6 Canada Militia MS.2 Canada Militia
MS.3 Nova Scotia Militia MS.6 Canada Militia HP.7 Canada Militia Staff   (unlisted)
Royal Canadian Artillery
FC.1 Royal Canadian Artillery FC.2 Royal Canadian Artillery HP.10
  Royal Canadian Artillery
HP.8 Royal Canadian Artillery HP.9 Royal Canadian Artillery
MS.7 Royal Canadian Artillery PB.1 Royal Canadian Artillery HP.11 A Battery Kingston HP.12 B Battery Quebec HP.13 Prince Edward Island Garrison Artillery
HP.14 British Columbia Garrison Artillery HP.15 Kingston Battery Garrison Artillery HP.16 Ottawa Battery Garrison Artillery MS.8 4th Battery P.E. Island Garrison Artillery HP.17 Halifax (Nova Scotia) Garrison Artillery
HP.18 Liverpool (Nova Scotia) Garrison Artillery HP.19 Newcastle (New Brunswick) Garrison Artillery HP.20 St Catherine Battery Garrison Artillery HP.21 Royal Canadian Artillery HP.22 Royal Canadian Artillery
  Royal Canadian Artillery
 Canadian Garrison Artillery (Boer War)
 Royal Canadian Artillery
MS.11 Royal Canadian Artillery MS.12 Royal Canadian Artillery
HP.24 Canadian Engineer Militia HP.25 Montreal Engineer Militia HP.26 Charlottetown Engineer Militia HP.27 Royal Canadian Engineers MS.13 Canadian Engineers
MS.14 Canadian Engineers MS.15 Royal Canadian Engineers MS.16 Royal Canadian Engineers MS.17 The Canadian Signal Corps MS.18 The Canadian Corps Of Signals
Canadian Army Service Corps
Canadian Army Service Corps
Canadian Army Service Corps
Canadian Army Service Corps
Canadian Army Service Corps
Canadian Army Service Corps
Medical Staff Corps
HP.29 Canadian Army Medical Corps MS.25 Canadian Army Medical Corps MS.26 Canadian Army Medical Corps
MS.27 Canadian Army Medical Corps HP.30 Ordnance Stores Corps MS.28
Canadian Ordnance Corps
MS.29 Canadian Ordnance Corps S.40 Corps Of Military Staff Clerks
MS.30 Canadian Army Veterinary Corps MS.31 Canadian Army Pay Corps S.19(M) The Canadian Postal Corps MS.32 Canadian School Of Musketry MS.33 Canadian School Of Musketry
The Corps Of Guides Of Canada
S.39A The Corps Of Guides Of Canada HP.32 Military College Of Canada HP.33 Royal Military College HP.34 Royal Military College
MS.34 Royal Military College MS.35 Royal Military College MS.36 Royal Military College HP.35 North West Mounted Police HP.36 North West Mounted Police
HP/PB.37 North West Mounted Police MS.37 North West Mounted Police MS.38 North West Mounted Police HP.38 North West Mounted Police MS.39 North West Mounted Police
MS.40 Royal North West Mounted Police MS.41 Royal North West Mounted Police MS.42 Royal North West Mounted Police    
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