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Infantry Battalions

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117th 118th 119th 120th 121st 122nd 123rd 124th 125th
Eastern Township Kitchener  Sault St. Marie Hamilton B.C. Western Irish Muskoka Toronto Toronto Brantford
126th 127th 128th 129th 130th 131st 132nd 133rd 134th
Peel County York County Moose Jaw Wentworth County Lanark & Renfrew Westminster, B.C. New Brunswick Norfolk County Toronto Highlanders
135th 136th 137th 138th 139th 140th 141st 142nd 143rd
Middlesex County Durham County Calgary Edmonton Cobourg New Brunswick Rainy River London B.C. Bantams
144th 145th 146th 147th 148th 149th 150th 151st 152nd
Winnipeg New Brunswick Frontenac County Grey County Montreal Lambton Montreal Alberta Weyburn
153rd 154th 155th 156th 157th 158th 159th 160th 161st
Wellington Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders Quinte Leeds & Grenville Simcoe County British Columbia Sudbury Bruce County Huron County
162nd 163rd 164th 165th 166th 167th 168th 169th 170th
Parry Island Montreal Halton County New Brunswick Toronto Quebec Oxford County Toronto Toronto
171st 172nd 173rd 174th 175th 176th 177th 178th 179th
Quebec Kamloops Hamilton Highlanders Winnipeg Medicine Hat Niagara Simcoe County Quebec Winnipeg
180th 181st 182nd 183rd 184th 185th 186th 187th 188th
Toronto Manitoba Ontario County Winnipeg Manitoba Cape Bretton Highlanders Kent County Central Alberta Saskatchewan
189th 190th 191st 192nd 193rd 194th 195th 196th 197th
Quebec Winnipeg Alberta Alberta Nova Scotia
Regina British Columbia Universities Manitoba
198th 199th 200th 201st 202nd 203rd 204th 205th 206th
Canadian Buffs
Irish Rangers (Toronto-Montreal) Winnipeg Toronto Edmonton Winnipeg Toronto Hamilton Canadiens Francais
207th 208th 209th 210th 211th 212th 213th 214th 215th
Ottawa Toronto Saskatchewan Moose Jaw Alberta Americans Winnipeg Americans Toronto Americans Saskatchewan Brant County
216th 217th 218th 219th 220th 221st 222nd 223rd 224th
Toronto Saskatchewan Edmonton Nova Scotia
York County Winnipeg Manitoba Manitoba
225th 226th 227th 228th 229th 230th 231st 232nd 233rd
Kootenay B.C. Manitoba Algoma & Sudbury Nippising Moose Jaw Ottawa British Columbia Saskatchewan North West
234th 235th 236th 237th 238th 239th 240th 241st 242nd
Peel County Durham County MacLean Kilties Nova Scotia
Forestry Railway Lanark & Renfrew Winsor Montreal (Forestry)
243rd 244th 245th 246th 247th 248th 249th 250th 251st
Prince Albert Montreal Montreal Grenadiers Nova Scotia
Peterboro Grey County Regina Winnipeg Winnipeg
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252nd 253rd 254th 255th 256th 257th 258th 259th & 260th  
Lindsay Kingston Hastings and Prince Edward. Toronto Toronto Montreal   Siberian Expeditionary Forces  

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