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Canadian Forces Combat Titles Alexander, Bill Service Publications 2007.

ISBN: 1894581415

see Service Publications
 for this title
Canadian Expeditionary Forces Cap Badges 1914-1918 Babin , Lenard L. thin paperback 15 pages; numerous line drawings
Published By Author, Rochester, NY
 Abe  Amazon
Canadian Army and Army Cadets Cloth Badges. Burt, Tim 20 pages
Elora On, 1987. (Stapled Card Covers)
The Charlton Standard Catalogue of First World War Canadian Infantry Badges Cross W. K. (try Canadian Amazon for this and the next title)    
The Charlton Standard Catalogue of First World War Canadian Corps badges Cross W. K. & Rosen Al (Eds) 272 pages
Charlton Press  1996
ISBN-10: 0889681627
ISBN-13: 978-0889681620
The Badges and Insignia of the Canadian Airborne Forces Grimshaw, Louis E. Louis E. Grimshaw, 1981. Staple Bound Soft Cover  Abe  
A Source of Pride : Regimental Badges and Titles in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919 Harper, Joseph H 152 pages
Service Publications (1999)
ISBN-10: 0969984588
ISBN-13: 978-0969984580
A Catalogue of Twentieth Century Canadian Military Cloth and Metal Shoulder Titles (3 volume set approx 1350 pp) Hampson, William William Hampson
Calgary Alberta.
Distinguishing Patches : Formation Patches of the Canadian Army Law, Clive 56 pages
Service Publications, 1996
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Canadian Expeditionary Force Military Cap Badges Of World War I. Martin, Peter and Rosen, Al. 124 pages
Alternative Graphics
ISBN: 0969158300
 Abe  Amazon
Canadian Badges: Caps, Collars & Titles 1920-1950. Mazeas, Daniel 144 pages
Published By Author, Bretagne, France.  1985
"Overseas" : The Lineages and Insignia of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919 Stewart, Charles H 167 pages
Toronto : Little & Stewart, 1970.
Canadian War Service Badges 1914-1945 Surrey, B.C Johnson Books  Abe  
Cap Badges of the Canadian Officer Training Corps. Volume 2. Thompson R 72 pages
Privately published Nova Scotia, , 1972
Australia (& ANZAC)
Unit Badges of the Royal Australian Air Force Cluley, Richard J. 188 pages
Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide (1989?)
ISBN: 0731676556
 Abe  Amazon
Australian Army Badges - Cloth Insignia of the Army in Australia 1860 - 1993 (also earlier editions in 3 parts) Cossum, J. K. ISBN 0949530115
ISBN 0949530123
ISBN 0949530131
 Abe  Amazon
Anzac Elite, The Airborne & Special Forces Insignia of Australia and New Zealand Lord, Cliff; & Tennant, Julian

160 pages
IPL Books, Wellington New Zealand, 2000

 Abe  Amazon
Hat Badges of the Australian Army 1903-1930. Festberg, Alfred N 144 pages
Melbourne: Silverleaf Publishing, 1981
Distinguishing Colour Patches of the Australian Military Forces 1915 - 1951 Glyde, Keith 245 pages
Published bythe author, Claremont Tasmania 1999
 Abe  Amazon
Military Badges of the Australian Colonies. 1800-1903 Grebert, Rick 316 pages
NSW Military Historical Society Woollahra  2000. (Limited Ed to 500)
 Abe  Amazon
The Australian Army Slouch Hat and Rising Sun Badge Grebert, Rick 140 pages
New South Wales Military Historical Society, Mosman, NSW, 2002
ISBN: 0909458235
 Abe  Amazon
Rank And Badges In The American And Australian Navy and Army and the R.A.A.F. and Auxiliaries Anon? 33 pages
Offset Printing Co.Pty.Ltd., Waterloo N.S.W 1942 ?
Elite Unit Insignia of the Vietnam War: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors [With 1987-1988 Updated Price Guide] Thompson, Leroy 68 pages
Arms and Armour, London, 1986
 ISBN 0853688958
New Zealand
The Regimental Badges of New Zealand, (note the revised edition is considerably larger) Corbett, D.A. 254 pages (or 320 for revised edition)
Ray Richards Auckland, 1970 &  1980
ISBN: 0908596057
 Abe  Amazon
New Zealand Reinforcement Badges 1914-1918 Lowe, Geoffrey J. 56 pages
Published By Author, Auckland, New Zealand, 1987
 Abe  Amazon
New Zealand Army Distinguishing Patches 1911-1991
  In two parts.
Thomas, Malcolm and Lord, Cliff. ??    
South Africa, Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
Border War Badges
Dinnes, Andrew Ross  Border War Badges covers Army, Navy, Air Force, Medics, Cadets and Police of South Africa, South West Africa and the Homelands. The book includes actual photographs of Metal and Cloth Badges, Stable Belt Buckles, Flashes, Buttons and Brassards. All the badges illustrated are to scale and each has an informative write-up giving invaluable details for collectors.

ISBN 9780620486439

Available from: www.southafricanmilitaria.com

 Badges and Insignia of the Rhodesian Security Forces 1890 - 1980 Arniel, A J; Kaplan, Michael [ed.] 111 pages
Alec Kaplan & Son., Germiston, 1987
ISBN: 0620107448


The Military Badges and Insignia of Southern Africa Owen, Colin R. Chimperie Agencies, Somerset West, 1990 ( this is a revised edition of "The Military Badges of South Africa and Rhodesia from 1850-1976")


The Military Badges of South Africa and Rhodesia from 1850-1976 Owen, Colin R. 98 pages, Large folio-sized book
Chimperie Agencies., Benonu, 1976
 Abe Amazon
Service Before Self: The history, badges and insignia of the security forces of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland 1890-1980
Radford, Mark Philip. 86 pages.
M.P. Radford
A4 format black and white photographs
ISBN 0-952-4472-0-7

(2nd Revised edition, 1996, 238 pp)

Historical Records and Iconography of Indian Cavalry Regiments 1750 - 2007     image

Limited edition of 500 (now out of stock with publishers)

Ashok Nath
Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research. 2009
New Delhi, India.
ISBN 978-81-902097-7-9
828 pages
(Forum Admin has copies @ 127 plus post) 8th Oct 2010  
Sons Of John Company. Indian & Pakistan Armies 1903-1991   covers most Indian and Pakistan Regimental Badges. Written by John Gaylor Spellmount  1992



Insignia of the 2nd King Edwards VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles) ? 1999

try the Gurkha Museum for this series


Insignia of the 3rd Queen Alexander's Own Gurkha Rifles ? 2002  
The insignia of the 4th Prince's Own Gurkha Rifles. 1857 to 1947. ? ?  
The insignia of the 6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles. 1817 to 1994. ? ?  
The insignia of the 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles. 1902 to 1994 ? ?  
The insignia of the 8th Gurkha Rifles. 1824 to 1947 ? 57 pages  
Insignia of Gurkha Units in India and Burma (Para-military, Military Police, Frontier Force and War-raised Units) up to 1948. ? ?  
The Indian State Forces, Their Lineage and Insignia. Jaipur, H.H. The Maharaja of 122 pages
Leo Cooper, London, England, 1967


Solah Punjab, The History of the 16th Punjab Regiment.
(some info on insignia)
Lawford, MC Lt-Col. J.P. & Catto, Maj. W.E. 302 pages
Gale & Polden Ltd., Aldershot, UK, 1967.


The History of 8th King George V's Own Light Cavalry.
(some info on insignia)
Rawlinson, CIE H.G. 142 pages
Gale & Polden Ltd , Aldershot, 1948


History of the 59th Rifles FF, Regimental History of the 6th Royal Battalion, 13th Frontier Force Rifles (Scinde), 1843 - 1923.
(some info on insignia)
Anon 146 pages
Gale & Polden Ltd., Aldershot, UK, 1926


History of the Bombay Pioneers.
(some info on insignia)
Tugwell, Lt-Col. W B P
439 pages
Sidney Press. London & Bedford., 1938


Regimental History of the 3rd Battalion, The 2nd Punjab Regiment.
(some info on insignia)
Wylly, CB Col. H.C. 74 pages
Gale & Polden Ltd., Aldershot, UK, 1927


Other Countries
Jewish Cap Badges: British/Palestine and Israel Defense Forces Friedman, Alex 63 Pages (English and Hebrew)

try here

The Armed Forces of Aden 1839-1967  History of Aden raised units and over 50 badges shown plus a lot of photos of uniforms. 112 pp. Some colour pix. Cliff Lord and David Birtles 199 pp
Helion Publishing.