28th Punjabis Officer’s Cap Badge

28th Punjabis Officers Cap Badge

In silver. An Imperial crown over an annulus intersected by an upturned crescent. The crescent inscribed ’28th P’. To the reverse two loops.

Previously titled ’28th Punjab Infantry’ the Regiment became the ’28th Punjabis’ in 1903. During the Great War a second battalion, 2/28th, was raised (1918) and served in India. At the same time the original Battalion became the ‘1/28th’. The 2nd Battalion was disbanded in 1919. 1/28th Punjabis became the 4th Battalion, 15th Punjab Regiment in 1922.

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  1. “Annulus” is a nice word, but I assume that “quoit” is a better known word for the chakram used as a weapon by the Sikhs and is a well known symbol representing Sikhs. Together with the Moslem cresent they represent the religious classes that formed the regiment.

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