18th (Prince of Wales’s Own) Tiwana Lancers Officer’s Cap Badge 1906-1910

18th (Prince of Wales's Own) Tiwana Lancers Officer's Cap Badge 1906-1910

In gilt brass a pair of crossed lances with pennants. In the centre the numerals ’18’. Across the lower sections of the lances a scroll inscribed ‘Tiwana Lancers’. Between the upper sections of the lances the Price of Wales’s feathers.

This is the small version of this badge, 33mm tall.

Title changes and amalgamations of the Regiment:

1858: 2nd Mahratta Horse, also known as 2nd Gwalior Mahratta Horse.
1861: 18th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry.
1886: 18th Regiment of Bengal Lancers.
1901: 18th Bengal Lancers.
1903: 18th Tiwana Lancers.
1906: 18th (Prince of Wales’s Own) Tiwana Lancers.
1910: 18th King George’s Own Lancers.
1921: Amalgamated with 19th Lancers (Fane’s Horse).
1921: 18th/19th Cavalry.
1922: 19th King George’s Own Lancers.
1937: 19th King George V’s Own Lancers.
1947: Transferred to the Pakistan Army.
1956: 19th Lancers.

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2 thoughts on “18th (Prince of Wales’s Own) Tiwana Lancers Officer’s Cap Badge 1906-1910

  1. Hi mike , can you help me please, got an old badge in the house , it’s brass and says 61st cavalry, it has a double headed eagle and what looks like crossed khukris or swords, I can find a similar badge on the net in silver with no swords, any ideas please!

    1. Interesting. Not quite sure to be honest! The 61st Cavalry formed 1st Oct 1953. The badge being the two headed bird – the ‘Gandaberunda’ – standing on a scroll inscribed ‘Sixty First Cavalry’ It was made in silver, white metal or chrome plated.

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