14th Punjab Regiment Cap Badge

Other ranks badge in cast white metal. A five pointed star patterned with lines with spheres in the angles. In the centre the number ’14’. Beneath the star a scroll inscribed ‘Punjab Regiment’; above the star an Imperial crown.
The five points of the star represent the five rivers of the Punjab.
Regiment formed 1922. To Pakistan on partition.

Author: Mike

2 thoughts on “14th Punjab Regiment Cap Badge

  1. I see no reason to assume that 1947 was the end of the period of wearing of this badge. The regiment became part of the new Pakistan army in 1947, but Pakistan was still a Dominion with George VI (and later Elisabeth II) as head of state until 1956, when it became a Republic. There was no need to confront the Pakistan head of state by removing his crown from the badge or by switching to another badge (have you ever seen one of the 14th Punjab Regiment post 1947?).

    As said, in 1956 Pakistan became a republic and consequently removed all connections to royalty in badges and regimental titles. For the infantry this was concurrent with a major re-organisation, which made the 14th Punjab Regiment merge into The Punjab Regiment with a complete different badge.

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