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Old 25-05-11, 12:25 PM
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Default Loyal Edmonton Regiment

A short blurb on the Loyal Edmonton Regiment site notes the impact of the "Loyal" designation on their badges:


During this campaign, on 7 July 1943, King George VI granted a name change to reflect our alliance with The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire). Now our unit became The Loyal Edmonton Regiment. After the war The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) was amalgamated into The Queen’s Lancashire Regiment (with which we are still allied), so that we are now the only regiment titled “Loyal” in the Commonwealth.

To reflect the new name, the unit’s cap badge added the red rose of Lancashire beneath the crown, and the word “Loyal” was added to the unit name on the scroll. At the same time, the numerals “49" were restored. Except for the change to the Queen’s crown after the King’s death in 1952, and some purely stylistic revisions to the artwork, this established the badge we wear today.

The passage is not clear about the date that the new "rose" badges were taken into wear. Did the unit get new cap badges during the war, or as Mazeas indicates, were the new pattern badges authorized and acquired in 1946?
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