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Old 16-07-17, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Fatboy Ken View Post
Hello Billy,

"So Young and So Proud"

It makes me remember the poem by William Owen "Dolce Et Decorum Est"

Words so true in every respect, ......

Still the way I feel today, but I feel "more for my comrades" than Country, but she is still beside & inside me.

Could these new generations stand up to the rigours now ???

(I feel most would and could, but only time will tell as the future generations of "TRANS-Genders will let us down big time)

Ken, you ask if today's young men are up to it, l would think most of them are but I can't imagine why they would bother. All I would say is try spending a couple of hours wandering around Luton town centre and then ask yourself why anyone in their right mind would want to risk their lives for a country that has been allowed to sink so low. It's not our country any more and it will only get worse so why bother. Open borders, mass immigration and nut-jobs on the loose everywhere, that is not what previous generations fought and died for. I'm an Englishman born and bred, mainly of Scottish descent, and while I am proud to be British I'm afraid I am no longer proud of my country and what it has become.
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